Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1st Trimester- That's a Wrap!

Weeks 4-12
This week marks the end of the first trimester!  Hooray for making it through 13 weeks without morning sickness, nausea, or complications.  I've been keeping up with our chalkboard door to track the week-by-week bump progress, but it has ended up being every couple weeks.   Between holidays, summer vacations, and pool time, this first trimester has gone by so fast.

I am blessed to have had very few of those ugly first trimester symptoms, and the worst was fatigue.  Adjusting to a life without drinking, medium-rare filet's, sushi, and wicked awesome roller coasters has been the other hard one.  About 9 months before I had found out I was pregnant, I quit smoking cold turkey.  I always hate to talk about smoking, much less admit that I was addicted since college.  But anyone who has or currently smokes knows how hard it is to give it up- the cravings don't go away entirely.  Until I got pregnant, I was actually doing really well in the cravings department, but I got pregnant and Boom!  I wanted a cigarette. So I eat a fruit Popsicle instead and focus on how good I feel, and how happy and healthy my baby feels.

Mr. Frog Prince and I just celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary (6 years together) and it is amazing to see him turn into a Dad right before my eyes.  It's so hard to describe how a man changes when he creates a child, and nothing is quite so precious.

Now that trimester #2 is here and I have a burst of energy, I have never wanted to paint and decorate so bad in my life.  Nesting instincts are really kicking in.  The nursery plan and layout has been planned out and on the brain for a while now, if only we could reclaim the baby room from the two furry monsters...  We have been caring for my brother-in-law's two large dogs since we bought the new house.  Long story short- he lives 30 hours away in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, so his dad and mom took care of them until my father-in-law contracted lymphoma, when we took them in.  Since we already have 2 (well-trained) dogs of our own and acreage for them to run around, we figured it would be a simple job.  WRONG.  They are shedding, destructive, wild beasts. But otherwise pretty sweet dogs if you aren't hormonal and attached to your landscaping, gardens, furniture and wood floors...  Anyway, the dogs will be gone, things will be back to normal, and we will get our baby room back in only two weeks!  We are definitely counting down the days until I can paint those walls, hang curtains, place baby furniture, and stock the baby closet.

Here are 10 of my goals for the second trimester:

  1. Decorate the nursery
  2. Go on 20 minute walks every evening (take our dogs)
  3. Prenatal yoga every couple days and free weights in between
  4. Swim and exercise in the pool 2+ times each week
  5. Spend a few minutes each day praying and meditating- bonding with baby
  6. Talk to midwives and enroll in the natural birthing center
  7. Save, Save, Save money!
  8. Cook more dinners for Mr. Frog
  9. Start stocking up on baby diapers, wipes, lotions, etc.
  10. Take a special trip with Mr. Frog 
One-third of the way done and so much still to do...I absolutely can't wait to see this little guy/girl again!

-Mrs. Frog Prince

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